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Reading Matter - Our recommended lifestyle books
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Spa Directory - Our guide to spas worldwide
Nicki Waterman's World - Shape up with GMTV's personal fitness trainer
Day Spa Report - We visit three of the UK's top day spas
Health Check - Products, lotions and potions for optimum health
Company Profile - spotlight on spa business
Men Only - Men love to spa too!
Horoscope - What does the future hold in store?

SPRING (March 2005)
Spa Cruises - 'sea' how relaxed you can be!
Alpine Spas - Get ski fit in the Swiss Alps!
Australia - soak up the sun down under
Celebrity at the Health Farm -How the stars look fit and fab
Irish Golf Retreats - time for tee on the Emerald Isle
Iridology - look into your eyes for health
Colour Therapy - best treatment when you feel off colour
Thalassa - beauty from the sea
Food Intolerance - should I be dairy free?
Nails - fake it or grow your own?
The Oracle Diet - the latest craze?
Wrinkle Special - from Botox and Restylane to fab facials.
Chocoholic - Two fabulous treatments using chocolate!
You Sexy Thing - Tips and tonics to spice up your sex life
Great Balls! - Exercise balls for weight loss

SUMMER (June 2005)
Spa News Maldives - paradise in the Indian Ocean
Florida -Key spas in the sunshine state
Majorca - spa-kling island in the Med
Ireland - golf versus pampering
Baltic States - from Hungary to the Czech Republic
Urban Day Spas - havens in the city
Vine & Dine - Vinotherapy explained
Glorious Mud! Wraps and masks
Bach Flower Remedies - say it with flowers
Good Fats, Bad Fats - guide to a healthy heart
Permanently Pretty - everlasting makeup
Lets Get Fruity - two spa treatments using fruit

AUTUMN (Sept 2005)
Spa News Malaysian Honeymoon - say I do in Paradise
Dubai - Middle Eastern promise!
County Spas - the best out of town retreats
Heaven in Devon - lashings of luxury in the West Country
International Massage - Swedish, Ayurvedic, Thai, Hawaiian etc -
Bath time! Soak away your stress
Child Friendly Spas - perfect venues for parent pampering
Yoga Retreats - free the spirit
Safe Tanning - sun, spray or solarium?
Nature's Aid to Allergies - alternative hay fever remedies
Herbal teas and fruit infusions
Herb the Latest? -- two treatments using herbs (herbal Wrap + one other)

NOVEMBER 2005(Spaworld begind Bi-Monthly)
Spa News Iceland - the big chill
Adventure Spas - go wet & wild in Kenya and USA)
Thailand - exotic pampering
Italy -- the touch of Italian genius
Body Wraps - wax, seaweed, mud, take your pick
Your Teenage Vegetarian - a parents guide to a meat-free diet
Spa Hen Party - where girls just wanna have fun!
Sound Therapy -- have you heard the latest?
Hair today, Gone tomorrow - permanent hair removal
Have you had your Oats? The healthiest crop!

India - Home of Ayurveda and spiritual wellbeing
Winter Sunshine Feature - follow the sun to Malaysia, Caribbean and South Africa
Cyprus - the latest spas in the home of Aphrodite
Float Away - wet and dry flotation therapy for serious relaxation
Seaweed Treatments - what the cosmetic companies offer
Spa Gadgets - will they really make that difference?
Get Ahead -- the best head massages
New Year Detox - start the year as you mean to go on!


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